One Party, Two Dogs & A Quart of Paint.

What could possibly be worse than muddy paws? Pauses…. Paint paws. Frantically scattered paint paws all over your home. Yes, this is true– a real story from someone (me) who thought, “I am being careful”  while working on some pieces in a….pause….. CLIENTS HOME. Now don’t be alarmed just yet, there are few things that really saved me here– 1. I always use a good drop cloth and plastic tarp as well, and 2. They had hardwood floors.  Now I’m going to tell you that if you ever doubt your intuition, you are sure to be screwed. I left the quart of paint tucked up close to a piece I was working on when I left for the night. I thought that it was safe; but it wasn’t! Sometime during the night, the dogs decided to have a painting party and knock over the can.  Then they danced the disco all over the first floor, their little paw prints like bread crumbs to find their way back from grandma’s house.


Now the damage is done; lesson learned. Put your paint in a safe place. Even if you think the lid is sealed, sometimes older cans can rust or get gunked up and cause the lid to come off. It’s much easier to prevent this from happening than cleaning it up– but if you have too here is what you should do.

Soap and water. Yes it’s that easy. If you use anything more abrasive such as a thinner it will eat the finish right off your floor. Now if you’re using an oil based paint–which is the next thing, Don’t use oil, please…just don’t even bring it into your house. If you have to paint with oil do it outside! 🙂 That will prevent a lot of headaches. If the paint is oil on your hardwood floor, your best to let it dry and try scraping it off gently— you will want to clean the area with warm soap and water after and then use a hardwood floor protectant to seal the floor again.

pugNow, if you’re not so lucky to have hardwood and you have carpet– well now we are talking about a whole new problem. Lets explore these options:

Oxy-clean…and a little elbow grease can work. First sop up as much wet paint as possible. I know this might sound crazy BUT: I have tried this: Instead of dabbing anything, we have a shop vac that all the pieces come apart (to clean) I have literally taken the shop vac right to the spilled paint (if it’s a lot) and sucked it up first. Then treated it with oxy-stain remover. It’s a risky move, but found that it was easier to clean the paint from the vacuum pieces later outside than trying to blot the stain on the carpet only to push the paint further into the carpet.

Hope this doesn’t ever happen to you! We love our dogs, but there are other cool things to do with your puppies prints than make paint prints on your floor.

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One response to “One Party, Two Dogs & A Quart of Paint.

  1. Sorry to say it but…..that’s funny!! 🙂 Just when you think there is no way anything will or could happen… does!!! I was in the garage last summer painting/working and I had just got home from Lowe’s with bags of goodness…paint, brushes, STAIN…etc. Well…I left them on my hubby’s stall side and he came barreling in…of course on his phone not paying attention….and ran all my goodness over! Yep…you guessed it….the dark stain opened and sprayed 6′ high all over the garage. Looks like a scene from someone having Montezuma’s revenge! eewww! Of course it was MY fault for leaving it there!
    Sooooo….we both have stories for our books!! Thanks for sharing!

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