How I became: The New England Girl

I started my small furniture refurbishing and interior design business about two years ago.  It wasn’t easy making the decision leave a job with a steady income to dive full force into something that wouldn’t guarantee and money, or results.  With true dedication, a little passion and some big kick-ass ideas I got off the ground and have stayed off the ground with extremely little money invested. I typically say, I started my business with $0 which is sort of true! Maybe at another point I will write about how I started my business for next to nothing, but today I want to tell you the silly short story about how I became The New England Girl.


My (now) husband and I were sitting outside one afternoon in early summer. We had been working on repurposing projects all morning, and he was excited that I has asked him for some help with a large piece of furniture I was custom building. The sky was crystal clear and the temerature was warm but not hot; the air breezy but not windy. It was the perfect day. I remember turning to him and asking… “what in the world am I going to name my business, I do so many thing’s I can’t imagine one name to describe all of those things!” …. up until that point I was just me, Nicole Schmidt (maiden name) doing business as a regular no-namer so the urgency was there to have  a more distinguising title. We laughed and contemplated, threw out some absolutely crazy business names, and then: the golden moment came: HE said…. well you are a girl and you live in Connecticut, and Connecticut is in New England, and New England is in America, so you’re the American Girl. “But that name is taken by a doll!” I exclaimed! So he said “I guess you’re going to have to be The New England Girl.” And from the moment those words rolled off his tongue, I knew The New England Girl encompassed everything that I was.

Nicole "The New England Girl" in the shop, Salisbury, CT

Nicole “The New England Girl” in the shop, Salisbury, CT

So that is the very short story of how I became “The New England Girl” simple as that!



Hope you all have a fantastic day!



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