The Warren Project

It is often that I get requests to repaint or re-purpose furniture that is sentimental to my clients.  The Warren Project was exactly that: sentimental because these pieces were my client’s mothers. They were surely outdated but never the less Bennington Pine. It is ironic that they are also stamped bicentennial (1976) — which makes me laugh because as a child my mother’s father collected bicentennial products; among his collection were bricks, clocks and glassware. Now 20 some-odd years later I find myself collecting bicentennial items too.

My first 1776-1976 collectible was a clock identical to one hanging in my grandparents basement. I spotted it high up in the rafters of a clients garage. I asked him if it was for sale; and to name a price and he gave it to me just for coming out that night.  I never really thought I would be a collector of anything other than junked furniture but somehow you don’t find the collection– it finds you.

photo (94)

So now for a look at all this beautiful painted furniture!

warren furniture

end warren project

warren project ba



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