Rewind to Winter!

Around this time of year things start to get really busy in my shop. A tech-guru friend of mine has been helping me make some  website changes while I  juggle a doing a reality television show and over ten client pieces. I have been completely inundated, however through all this mess, I was invited to speak to a few economic classes at my old high school, C.H.S. I am looking forward to telling them about all of my amazing life experiences and how I came to start my own business. It isn’t easy; that’s for sure, but I feel that the struggle is just part of learning, which always makes you stronger.

I really need to start chipping away at my to-do list. I feel that I have been slacking a bit in the blog department due to how many things I have going on day to day.  I haven’t really had time to experiment with any new painting techniques as I am sticking to text book rules for all of these client pieces–

A friend and client of mine had dropped off three raw-wood (unfinished) bookshelves for me to paint and stain, a medley that should have been harmonious. Unfortunately the paint & stain  purchased didn’t quite match up to what was thought and now some timely and costly revisions will have to be made. This is life; this is learning and the  lesson is, always put these decisions into the hands of your designer–


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