Wine’s new rival: Pinterest.

Wine has a new rival: Pinterest. By now, most people have heard about Pinterest; are using Pinterest or like me are completely addicted to Pinterest. One thing that at least allows me justify this addiction is that I make a huge effort to do at least one “Pinterest Project” per week.  Whether it is just a small craft or a room make over, I get a satisfaction out of putting my “pins” into action. Otherwise, we are just zombies pinning others photos and never doing anything with those great ideas! Now, Now I am not suggestion we all go craft crazy and start doing Pinterest Projects at the dawn of every day, but now and again it’s nice to break free of the pin button and do something tangible in our work shops.  Today was sort of a Pinterest inspired day, it wasn’t an exact copy but I was looking at a ton of wall art this morning and decided since today was such a rainy day that I would do something with my wood scraps.  This is what I started.


I secured three pieces of wood together and then painted them black, after they dried I began to stencil the wood with a stencil I had and a white paint pen. I didn’t finish but plan to finish the stenciling and then “shabby-chic” the white paint so that it looks old. Voila! Creative, one of a kind wall art. Add hooks on the bottom for a coat rack or place to hang the dog’s leash or car keys!

And oh yes the wine has been opened and we have all begun drinking! ( Cannonball– a Cab Sauvignon) Happy Friday Night & Happy Pinning to All~ The New England Girl!


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    • Thanks for following! Glad you enjoy my posts! Working on getting them up more frequently! So much to do so little time; right!? Hope your well!!!! Have a FANTASTIC weekend! -xox Nicole

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